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Surf among our products displayed in the menu "Items in shop" on the left hand side. Click on the product to see the description, click on the picture to increase or reduce its size.


Once you read the description, other advice is in the top menu:

-Click on "buy now" to send the item to your cart. Do it as much as you like.


-Click on «select option», fill the form and "calculate" the price, then "buy" to send the item to your cart.


Open the "basket" «display my cart details» (top right). You can cancel or add items with (+/-).

Select your country (and 'State' if you are in the USA or Canada) and then available postage will be displayed.

Choose the postage you like according to the security you prefer.

Your order will be sent once you click on the yellow box "confirm your order and pay"

This web site is dedicated to foreign sales: if you would like to send an item to France, please use the French version (top menu). Our French web site accept orders for foreign countries and payment with credit cards (with bank system, not paypal).