Screws kit

We choose two screws kits to be used with our signs, if they are correctly used, no problem will occur.

We tested it succesfully.

So we do not accept any responsability regarding problems during and following the sign's fixing operation.

Advices are given below and also on the paper sent with orders.

Please note that: Vitreous enamel is not a painting, it is a glass melted onto steel. Then, bad methods / material to hang up your sign may dammage it.


Please note :

To screw on your sign, draw the places of the holes, put the sign on a safe place in order not to dammage it, make the holes (perpendicularly) at the plastic peg's size at least 3,5cm /1,5 inch deep.

Place the peg, place the sign, put the washer in the FLAT HEADED screw and screw up the sign (perpendicularly, without touching the sides). Use flat head screws. Do not use electric material to screw it up.


Be sure the screw is in the middle of the hole.

We are not responsible for the dammage caused by a wrong fixation, even with the screws kits we provided you.