Our enamel signs shown on this website are all made with enamel steel.

Both sides of our signs are enamelled.

Our signs are mainly made of 0,8mm steel or 1,5mm (6x12cm, 10x15cm, 10x18cm).

House signs, (20x30cm, 12x24cm, 15x20cm) are made with 1,5mm steel.

Fixing holes size is 6mm before enameling. They are smaller for 6x12cm signs.

Texts are all handmade with stencils which provide our signs a traditional shape.

Only decorated signs use transfers (decorated house names, or decorated beware the dog/cat signs). These are made with enamel transfer melted at 780-800°C.

It resists the same way other enamel, but don't provide an old shape to the item.

All the products sold on our website are made in our factory in Thury-Harcourt (Normandy-France)

We do not sell signs made in Asia.

It is always possible to create the text you like, according to special rates, many sizes are available.

Don't hesitate to ask for details.

Patterns: All our patterns are enamel transfers, they are produced in France, England, Germany, Italy or Spain.

All these pattern are kilned at high temperature (780-800°C) which provides them a very high resistance. Pattern's colours never fade in sunshine and resist to all sorts of weather.

Most of the pictures shown here are scanns of signs. The XXX or our name written on it is to avoid copies.