Prices on the website don't include postage fees.

Postage fees change according to the item quantitiy you like to order (weight).

According to your order and its destination a choice of postage fees is given:

  • International priority mail

  • International parcel (colissimo) with tracking number

  • Registred mail or international parcel with insurance 'ad valorem'.

you can check the postage fees if you put the item(s) you like in the basket, then choose your country and see the different postage rates available.
A list of countries is available (sometimes in native language)

France = if you like to send a sign to France go to our french website.


For many years we send our enamel signs per post (Postal service, not transport companies).

Speaking about statistics we can say that less than 2 parcels upon 1000 disapear in our domestic orders. Two parcels disapear in foreign countries. (one priority mail in Canada and one registrated mail in South Africa).

Please think before choosing your postage fees.

What is the difference ?

A simple international mail can't be followed (tracked) and found if it is lost in the Post Office. We can't be aware when your order arrives to you and Post office can't find it abroad.

Unfortunately, in the case of a loss, we won't be able to do anything for you...

A "colissimo"  has a serial number that can be followed, in the case of a loss, The Post office refund an amount of monney regarding the weight of the parcel, not its value.

A "registrated mail"  has a serial number that can be followed up to the french border, in the case of a loss, the Post office refund an amount of monney regarding the registration.

It has happend many times: For a reason we do not know, in the USA or South Africa, "registrated mail" parcels are not delivered in your mail box, but wait for you at your post office. Then, keep the number with you to ask it at the post office.

NOTE that registrated mail can be followed until the french border, not in foreign countries due to differences between electronic systems.

see the french post office website