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Below are displaid few pictures of our products, all our products are available with the listing on the left side. (or on our french website)

Custumised French enamel street sign 20x30cm (New writting)
Custumised French enamel street sign 20x30cm (New writting)

The DAVID typography will be used to make your order (after sending you a sketch, we will wait for your approval before making it.) 

Custumised French enamel street sign 20x30cm (ARIAL BLOCK LETTERS)
Custumised French enamel street sign 20x30cm (ARIAL BLOCK LETTERS)

ARIAL BLOCK LETTERS will be used for your order (after sending you a sketch, we will wait for you approval before making it.)

Made to order French enamel sign 12x24cm
Made to order French enamel sign 12x24cm

Custumise your own 12x24cm French enamel sign. Fill the form in with the name or short text you would like to create. This typical French enamel street plate may be either blue, green or black. At first, a model will be sent to you to be accepted.

Your order will be sent from our enamel company based in France.

Custumised French enamel sign 10x15cm or 10x18cm
Custumised French enamel sign 10x15cm or 10x18cm

Custumise your own little French enamel sign. Fill the form in with the name or short text you would like to create. This typical French enamel street plate may be either blue, green or black. At first, a model will be sent to you to be accepted.

Your order will be sent from our enamel company based in France.

Made to order French enamel sign 15x20cm
Made to order French enamel sign 15x20cm

Custumize your own 15x20cm vintage french enamel plaque. Fill the form in with the name or short text you would like to create. This traditional french enamel street sign style may be either blue, green or black. At first, a model will be sent to you to be accepted.

Your order will be sent from our enamel company based in France.

Last entries

We are improving our website http://enamel-sign.42stores.com

Five years ago we opened this web site dedicated to French enamel signs. In this English version you will find all our typical French enamel signs, house number plates and custumised enamel street signs. All specifically made to order. These typical French blue enamel signs will give your home a special French touch !

The English web site does not contain all the items we produce, more enamel signs can be found on our French web site: www.emaillerie-normande.com

Since the begining of 2015 we have changed the design of the web site and hope that you wil be able to make your order easily.

Our product pages and options are continually improving to make you more confident about choosing our products.

Our use of the English language may be amusing, but we hope that you like our humorous signs for your cat(s) or dog(s) 

Have a nice time visiting our web site !

Idea for a Christmas gift: a traditional French enamel house number sign !

You visited France and enjoyed it ! but you were unable to found your very French house number plate !


Why don't you order as an unusual Christmas present a typical French house number sign or traditional French house number ?

We also make lots of funny signs for dogs or cats... custumised house name signs or French street signs.

Our factory produces genuine French enamel house number signs ! Come and visit our web site, in English or in French.

We are located in Normandy (France), 50km from the landing beaches of 1944...

You can order your genuine enamelled steel number plate directly. We make it to order and post it to you as you wish. Normal or registered mail.

If you have a special number : 254A, 12-14, 4567, 5bis... Order it too !

Choose it traditional dark blue or ask for a green or a black background.

VISIT THIS LINK -chapter 5 on the left side-

emaillerie.42stores.com changed for www.emaillerie-normande.com !

From the morning of september 9th 2013 the French version of the émaillerie normande's website has changed to www.emaillerie-normande.com

The older address still gives acces to our website in French.

This French website provides more items than the English version and accept payment with credit cards (bank system).

Even you want to recieve your items abroad, our French web site is dedicated to sending parcels all around the world !

Changes to help Canadian and US custumers to pay their orders with Paypal

We made changes in the order's form, adding your Province name or State name.

Follow Paypal's advice as this will improve the payment and reduce the number of errors at the end of your order.

Please let us know if you still can't finish your payment at the end of your order.

Looking for a French product (enamel sign, enamelware...) to be sent outside France ?

You are looking for a French enamel product like a house number sign, house name or an enamel made to order sign. 

Our company can offer you enamel signs or enamel kitchenware and send it to you by post wherever you are !

Here is the listing of the countries where we send our products, if you do not find yours, please contact us !

France + DOM-TOM Afghanistan Aland isl. Albania Algérie American Samoa Andorre Angola Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda  Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria-Österreich Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbades Belarus Belgique-België Belize Benin Bermudes Bhutan Bolivia Bonaire, St Eustache, Saba Bosnia Herzogovina Botswana Bouvet isl. Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroun Canada Cape Verde Cayman isl. Centrafrique Chile China Christmas isl. Clipperton Cocos isl. Colombia Comoros Congo Congo (Rép. Dém.) Cook isl. Corée du Nord Corée du Sud Costa Rica Croatie Cuba Curaçao Czech Repubic Côte d'Ivoire Danmark Deutschland Djibouti Dominica Ecuador Eesti Egypt El Salvador Emirats Arabes Unis Eritrea Ethiopia Faroe isl. Fidji Finland-Suomi Gabon Gambia Georgie Ghana Gibraltar Greece-Hellas Grenade Groenland Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guernsey Guinea Guinée Bissau Guinée équatoriale Guyana Guyane Haïti Heard, Mc Donald isl. Honduras Hong Kong Hungary-Magyar Iceland-Islande Inde Indonésie Iran Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israël Italia Jamaïque Japan-Nippon Jersey Jordanie Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Koweit Kypros-Cyprus Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvija Lesotho Liban Liberia Libye Liechtenstein Lietuva Luxembourg Macao Macédoine (ex-Yougoslavie) Madagascar Malaisie Malawi Maldives Mali Malouines-Falkland isl. Malte Maroc Marshall (îles) Martinique Maurice (îles) Mauritanie Mayotte Mexique Micronésie Moldavie Monaco Mongolie Montenegro Montserrat Mozambique Myanmar-Birmanie Namibie Nauru Nederlanden Nicaragua Niger Nigéria Niue Norfolk isl. Norge-Norway Northern Mariana isl. Nouvelle Calédonie Nouvelle Zélande Népal Oman Ouganda Pakistan Palau Palestine Panama Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée Paraguay Philippines Pitcairn Polska Polynésie Française Porto Rico Portugal Pérou Romania Russie Rwanda République Dominicaine Réunion Sahara occidental Salomon (îles) Samoa San Marino Sao Tome & Principe Serbie Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapour Sint Maarten Slovakia Slovenija Somalie Soudan South Africa-Afrique du sud South Georgia & Sandwich isl. South Sudan Spain-España Sri Lanka St Barthélémy St Helena, Ascencion & Tristan da Cunha St Kitts & Nevis St Lucia St Martin St Pierre et Miquelon St Vincent & the Grenadines Suisse-Schweitz Suriname Svalbard & Jan Mayen Sverige Swaziland Syrie Sénégal Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzanie Tchad Terres Australes & Antartiques françaises Thailand Timor Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad & Tobago Tunisie Turkey Turkmenistan Turks & Caicos isl. Tuvalu Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay US minor outlaying isl. USA Uzbekistan Vanauatu Vatican Viet-Nam Virgin isl. (British) Virgin Isl. (USA) Vénézuela Wallis et Futuna Yemen Zambia Zimbabwé

The magazine 'Calvados' tells you about the Normandy Enamel Works

This spring (2012), the writter Barbara Merle and the photographer Greg Wait published in the local Magazine "Le Calvados" (N°107) an article about our company the 'émaillerie Normande'.

You can download the magazine for free using this link =>  Magazine du Calvados

 (click on : télécharger la version pdf)

Then, on page 23, you will discover the Emaillerie Normande's presentation.

Have a good read ! (it is in French :-/ )


New : you can buy a set of screws to fix your signs

That is new,  you can purchase a set of four screw (stainless steel A2), raw plugs and washers (as shown in the picture) to fix your sign. see the products here

(except at the present time for our 6x12cm signs)

Set of 4 stainless steel screws Set of 4 stainless steel screws
2,00 €

French enamel street sign: custumise your own French road sign

Here is the oportunity to custumize your own French street sign !

We make to order four different sizes of signs. LINK

You can choose the traditional dark blue, if your environment is green, we can make green enamel sign or black if you prefer this colour.

Our street signs can be 10x15cm, 10x18cm, 12x24cm or 20x30cm

In order to have nice lettering, the number of letters is restricted, for this reason it is better to contact us.

We'll be pleased to help you !

It is a perfect french gift for a birthday, a retirement party, a new home party...

Create your street sign with the text you like ! (ask for terms and conditions)

The Emaillerie Normande welcomes you in its online enamel workshop !

Following your holiday in France, you are looking for a special souvenir you will not find elsewhere !

We produce in Normandy (France) typical traditional enamel signs, come and discover all our enamel plates online !

Different decorative enamel signs are displayed in different categories: classical French enamel house numbers, funny enamel plates decorated enamel signs, classical enamel street plaques...

We also custumise enamel signs for house names in the traditional blue and white street sign.

Contact us if you look for something specific.

We send our products all around the world by post (Post office)

HAVE FUN ! not only with our English language ;-)

french traditional enamel sign house number 3 diggitDont_disturb_the_cat_traditional_french_enamel_blue_sign_plaque.jpg

How to order one of our enamel signs ?

see top menu 'web site advices'


Surf among our products displayed in the menu "Items in shop" on the left hand side. Click on the product to see the description, click on the picture to increase or reduce its size.


Once you read the description, other advice is in the top menu:

-Click on "buy now" to send the item to your cart. Do it as much as you like.


-Click on «select option», fill the form and "calculate" the price, then "buy" to send the item to your cart.


Open the "basket" «display my cart details» (top right). You can cancel or add items with (+/-).

Select your country (and 'State' if you are in the USA or Canada) and then available postage will be displayed.

Choose the postage you like according to the security you prefer.

Your order will be sent once you click on the yellow box "confirm your order and pay"

This web site is dedicated to foreign sales: if you would like to send an item to France, please use the French version (top menu). Our French web site accept orders for foreign countries and payment with credit cards (with bank system, not paypal).

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