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Thursday 14 January 2010

The Emaillerie Normande welcomes you in its online enamel workshop !

Following your holiday in France, you are looking for a special souvenir you will not find elsewhere !

We produce in Normandy (France) typical traditional enamel signs, come and discover all our enamel plates online !

Different decorative enamel signs are displayed in different categories: classical French enamel house numbers, funny enamel plates decorated enamel signs, classical enamel street plaques...

We also custumise enamel signs for house names in the traditional blue and white street sign.

Contact us if you look for something specific.

We send our products all around the world by post (Post office)

HAVE FUN ! not only with our English language ;-)

french traditional enamel sign house number 3 diggitDont_disturb_the_cat_traditional_french_enamel_blue_sign_plaque.jpg

Saturday 10 January 2009

Have a genuine French enamel sign on your home !

For a long time you desperately look for a typical French enamel house number sign...

Come and discover our classical French enamel blue house number signs !

Then continue with funny enamel blue and white plates for dogs and also if you prefer, search the sign for your cat(s) !

Why not purchase one of our funny signs, that will give your home a real french touch.

Many categories are available !

Our French signs are also available in English, French, one or two in Latin, Arabic, Russian or Farsi !

More enamel signs are displayed on our french website.

Your dream is to custumise a sign for your home, no problem, we have 3 kinds of signs that can be custumised !

traditionnal french enamel street signs home name le clos joli

Other sorts of signs (categories) will soon be displayed ! (if I have time ;-) )

Don't hesitate to visit our online French shop that contains more categories !